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GE SxS no dispenser flashing 00 00


Hello great site I have learned a lot . I am new to appliance repair , being trained as we speak.
We ran into a GE SxS today and the customer is saying no dispenser options no water and Ice and can't set the temps for the fridge.                    Model # PSS26MSWASS
The ice maker is making ice the temps are 0 in freezer and 36-38 in FF side.
The dispenser controls flash 00 and 00 and all the commands beep when pushing the various options  but do not dispense water or ice .
We went to the local parts house and got a dispenser interface and returned later and installed only to find the same issue.
So we replaced the main control board only to find the same issue.
It seems it may be stuck in some sort of Demo mode? I'm not sure but every thing else tests .
Has anybody got any advice for me ? I'm probably over looking something but I can't figure what it is.
Thanks in advance for any help .

check qiuck disconnect at upper door hinge.

Check wiring at door and door switch.


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