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Kitchen Aid French Door SS Refrigerator KFIS25XVMS0


I was working on a newer kitchenaid box,  model KFIS25XVMS0 .  Does anyone have the tech sheet for this model?   or manual?    I had a power surge destroyed main board and interface board by the ice dispenser.   I ordered both boards,  but new board has to be programmed,  but tech sheet is missing from plastic sleeve.   Thanks.

When I search the service matters site using that model number I come up with these two tech sheets.

Not sure if they are correct or not as at the top of the one tech sheet it says...

--- Quote ---All safety information must be followed as provided in Service Manual 16026312.
--- End quote ---

Here is service manual 16026312

16026312 Maytag Ice2O Refrigerator Service Repair Manual

What is the part number of the board that you need to program?

Thanks AJ,.   I'll let you know what happens with this one. 



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