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LG Dishwasher LDS5811ST Motor winding resistance readings / tech sheet?


Had one of these today that was partially disassembled by customer.  He thought the "LE" was latch error, and tried to remove the machine from its space.  Then started to disassemble the sump assembly 'til he come to the left handed impeller screw, stripped it, then gave up.

I have the manual, and the code info.  Further code info was provided by this wonderful forum on this page.

Does the resistance info only show up on the tech sheet (not there)?  It's not in the manual.

The motor turns freely, and is plugged in OK.  Nothing is jamming it, but one of the capacitors on the board is bubbled and discolored in the goo near the base of it.  (the goo is some sort of sealant that covers the entire board about 1/8 of an inch deep)  So I figure it needs a new board.  Either that, or a new capacitor, but I'm not gonna try replacing that with the goo everywhere.

Any comments?

The board is fried.  Replace it and you should be good to go.  Also check the wire harness behind the front door panel for any broken wires.  Since he stripped the impeller screw, you might as well replace the sump assembly as well.

Thanks Wild-I,

The screw threads are ok, he just wiped the head,  I figured out it was left handed when my drill bit grabbed & spun it right out.  The manual leaves a bit to be desired.

I'll check the harness when I go back.


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