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LG Washer Door Lock Question part#6601ER1004C


Hi All,

Just a quick question.  This part 6601ER1004C ain't workin' in the machine.  I've opened it up, and it seems that the little points inside are burnt, so we're replacing it anyway.

But, it is missing the exterior spring that hold and tensions the hinged back plate.   Looking at it, I suspected there was a spring missing, and could not find it in the machine.  You can easily see it in a couple of the part views and it is peeking out just above the "P" in this one.

Question:  is this spring crucial to the complete operation of the latch?  Or is it just to pop out the door latch hook?  I'm getting a dE error, and as I've said we're getting a new latch, but I'm curious to know if I should just try a cheap replacement spring first, or if'd be a waste of my time.

Any opinions are welcome, even arrogant, uninformed ones. :popcorn:


Yes, the spring is necessary to keep tension on the door latch when it is in the closed position.


I'll keep the used one, match it with a new spring, and test it when I have the opportunity.



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