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PushStart  switch dryer starts release switch dryer shut s off.Unit is three years old suspected start switch holding ciol but there is none just momentary start switch.Bad motor ? anyone run in to this problem.

When the motor gets up to speed, the centrifugal mechanism in the motor closes a set of contacts in the motor switch which provides the circuit needed to keep it running. I've seen several motors where one of the attachment hooks for a spring in the mechanism breaks off. Sometimes they just need a little lube on that black plastic collar that slides back and forth.

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thxs Bailey for the response. i will look at that

Also check amount of lint in motor.   It can jam up the centrifugal mechanism.   I keep a small compressor on my truck,  and can blow out the lint from the motor.    Then I lubricate it with a little light oil,  and sometimes this can work.   Otherwise, probably have to replace the motor.   

check the drive belt and belt switch.


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