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LG DLE5932 doesnt stop when clothes dry.


It will eventualy stop but 20 to 30 minutes after the clothes are dry, could it be lint acumulation on a sensor or a burnt out sensor.. Seems the dryer got jelous that I replaced its neighbours bellows for the drain pump last week and now it wants attention.. :rofl:
Thanks for the help guys.

Does it have a setting to adjust dryness level? Might have to turn it down a click or two to less dry.

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It does but it doesnt affect it , I have been reading up a bit and it seems it has a humidity sensor that sometimes gets covered with fabric softener and it affects the reading.. Sensor is a 3$ part, now i'm trying to find where the sensor is inside that beast, looking for a schematic.. I have a feeling it needs a good cleaning after 11 years of use.. I have seen quite a built up of lint when I cleaned the exhaust vent from the outside of the house..

I'd you're talking about the sensor bars inside the dryer, they can be cleaned with alcohol.  The only other sensors that I can think of are inside the blower housing. Would need to disassemble the front of the machine to get to them.

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You may have a board that gets stuck at the 6 minute mark and just keeps going and going.  If that's the case, the board needs to be replaced.

Another thing you can do is time dry.  Set the dryer for a 40 minute time dry and see if that works.  If you need more time to dry, you can go 50 minutes or 60 minutes.

Hope this helps.


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