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LFC25760SB - Interior Lights Issue

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Sounds good, let us know what LG has to say.

Also here is the service manual for your model refrigerator. Maybe you will find it helpful.
LFC25760xx LG 25 ft French Door Refrigerator Service Manual

Did you ever get this resolved?


<<<I've noticed that if the door is open and I repeatedly depress the door switch, the interior lights will flicker>>>

<<<That's right, i forgot to mention that we had that issue back in Sept 2011 where the light melted the cover.  We had that repaired for free by LG.  A year later, I now have the opposite problem as you pointed out.>>>


Every single incident that I've encountered with the above-mentioned-symptoms---an LG authorized "technician" stated to the customer that the MAIN BOARD and LIGHTBULB ASSY (with  a thermostat) was replaced.

In each case---the MAIN BOARD had **NOT** been replaced.
Only the LIGHTBULB ASSY was replaced.

Ol' Lonely:
I don't understand, why would a tech tell a customer the board had been replaced when it was not?


--- Quote from: AJ on November 11, 2012, 09:44:22 AM ---Did you ever get this resolved?

--- End quote ---

Yes, I replaced the main control board to fix the issues with the lights.  Thanks to all for their input.


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