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LFC25760SB - Interior Lights Issue

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--- Quote from: john63 on November 12, 2012, 10:36:40 PM ---
<<<I've noticed that if the door is open and I repeatedly depress the door switch, the interior lights will flicker>>>

<<<That's right, i forgot to mention that we had that issue back in Sept 2011 where the light melted the cover.  We had that repaired for free by LG.  A year later, I now have the opposite problem as you pointed out.>>>


Every single incident that I've encountered with the above-mentioned-symptoms---an LG authorized "technician" stated to the customer that the MAIN BOARD and LIGHTBULB ASSY (with  a thermostat) was replaced.

In each case---the MAIN BOARD had **NOT** been replaced.
Only the LIGHTBULB ASSY was replaced.

--- End quote ---

Certainly seemed to be the case here.  Amazing, it was simple to just replace the main board as well.

Light recall from LG should be FREE within 10 years of the build date. Many parts are replaced(Determined by extent of damage) but the main PCB had a faulty relay. Comparing MANY of the new vs old PCBs side by side, they have much Larger relays. They also include a updated bulb sockets with a Bi-metal to prevent the bulbs from sticking ON. NOTE: All new LG fridges should be built with LEDs due to energy efficiency, THIS problem, and futuristic look! O0


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