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Frigidaire cools after unplug Then it warms up for good


Our refrigerator cools the freezer to 0 an 37 after powering up..then goes into defrost 8 hours or so later and stays warm.

We replaced the defrost timer..and this did not help.

Any suggestions of what to check next?

Got a model number?   I would suspect the cold control before the defrost timer.

You PM'd me the model number, FSC23F7DSB7.  I assume you already replaced the main control board.  Maybe something has shorted out, causing the control to shut down. I've attached the tech sheet.

I have not changed the control board.  I am not sure where it is located on the refrigerator. 

I'm not sure, I've never worked on this model before.  It looks like it's in a black box.  You couldn't have replaced the defrost timer because there isn't one.  The defrost is controlled by the main control board.



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