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GE range cgs980sem1ss Turns off by itself after 20 min


When you put the oven on bake it will fire up perfectly and go up to the temperature for approx 20 minutes and then it shuts down.  At this point it will shut down or it will freeze.  If it freezes then I have to unplug the unit and then plug it back in to get it working.  Obviously we can't cook like this!

GE doesn't service our area so we had to go to sears.  They have been here 7 times and the unit still does not work.  They replaced the temperature sensor, control panel, cover for the control panel, etc.  They told me they were out of things to replace and they don't know what it is.   Ugh.

I've noticed the top of the unit above the knobs gets extremely hot.  Any chance the panel itself could be overheating?  Perhaps if it were better insulated the unit would not malfunction.  I'm grasping at straws here.  I really don't want to buy another oven. 

Any thoughts?


Do you know if any of the Sears techs checked your electrical outlet for proper polarity, voltage and for proper ground?  It is the first thing they're supposed to do after they greet you and verify model/serial number.  I've seen these electronic range controllers (and others) lock up or completely shut down when polarity was wrong or ground was missing.  You can verify this with an electrical outlet tester.  You can get these from Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, ACE, etc.

Does the cooling blower come on? If you can, post a picture of the schematic.

Thank you both.  I believe they did check the outlet for polarity. 

The fan does turn on.  I will check for the schematic and post it later today.

I've done a ton of online research and there were two posts that I found that caught my eye.  They both said that the door was not properly sealed and the heat was escaping the oven and playing havoc on the electronics, causing all the problems I am having.  I ordered a new seal for the door and once it arrives I will replace it and adjust the door.  I hope that fixes the problem.  Have you seen this happen?


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