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Frigidaire Front Load Dryer FGQ1442ES0


End user here. So working with limited knowledge but a keen interest in finding solutions.
Dryer wont start, some lights do come on on the panel when start is pressed.  There is a click that appears to be coming from one of the two 'female receptors' (i dont know what else to call them?) that are on the drum side of the unit-these receptors match up to the 'male' that is on the door side.  I think they are sensors that tell the unit that the door is closed properly. 

I imagine its the sensor? 
I should reveal that I've not been the most gentle with the door lately. 

Armed with the service manual from this site-I'm moving towards opening the unit up and seeing if there are wires broken or loose on those two sensor receptors.  I'm also more inclined to call a service tech and have them take care of it.  Any suggestions in the New York City area?


That is a gas dryer right? I would think it most likely is the door switch
This one looks like it has 3 wires. So take a pix or write down what wire goes where. If you get it backwards the dryer will run with th door open and the light will be on with the door closed.

Yes its gas.
The clicking really sounds like its coming from one of those two receptacles.
Are there vendors in NYC that I could go get this part from tomorrow?  (probably not right?)
It doesnt seem like Home Depot would carry that.


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