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Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Thermometer

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Sorry link led me astray , the unit I have is this.


--- Quote from: AJ on April 22, 2013, 08:26:45 AM ---Cheap enough that's for sure. No laser pointer on it?

--- End quote ---

If you want a laser pointer, you can pay $10 more and get a laser pointer:

I used the Fluke laser pointer gun for years ($100).  Had one of these little guys kicking around in my garage ($40 version).  I used it to read the engine temperature of my gas powered remote control truck.  The little IR thermometer never got used in the garage, so I tossed it into my appliance toolbox.  After using it for a while, I realized I didn't need a laser pointer!  I completely stopped using the Fluke IR gun.  The IR gun sat in in my truck for years.

I can shoot temperatures just as well with this little thing.  I don't need precision to shoot the temp in the fridge, freezer, or the inside of a duct.  It is always in my toolbox ready to go.  Batteries last forever.  I actually prefer this over the IR laser guns.

The only time you need the laser pointer is if you are shooting temp far away, like across a room, or if you are collecting data for scientific reasons.  When you are practically standing inside the appliance you are taking the temp on, and you just need to get a feel for what the temp is, the pointer is pointless.

The only downside is they are so small, I loose one a year or so. . . . but then I lost Fluke in spite of it's big size.

You can pay more for this little IR thermometer.  Harbor freight has the best price.  Our local parts supplier wants $29.95 for the exact same Cen-Tech tool that Harbor Freight gets $11 for.

What they really need, is a laser thermometer that draws a laser circle, instead of a single point, so you can see the exact area you are measuring.

Two laser models let you tell the area you are measuring at different distances, of coarse they cost a little more then $10.00 ;)

I bought on of them Craftsman IF thermometer brand new in an open package on Craigslist.  Worked a couple of times then I noticed that the temps were about 10 degrees less than what it should be.   Got it for a good price but I wasted my money.   Tried to get a Sears store to honor the warranty but cause I did not get it from authorized craftsman the warranty is worthless.   Thinking about getting a fluke mini.   Just use my stick thermometer.


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