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I'm going to try a auction out on here, this is a old simpson meter that works, sold as is.
Model 260 own by my grandfather. Its to big & heavy to carry around,  but may be worth something. Bidding stops @ 8pm. Est. a week from today. Wed. Oct. 24th. @ 8pm. Est. Starting bid can be as low as a dollar. Money will be sent to AJ @ appliancejunk by money order or through paypal.
Here's the good part, money will go to appliancejunk for forum maintenance & improvements. Once money clears, aj will message me with name & address,  then i will ship.
Thank you & Good Luck.
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I'll start.     $8.00   How much does shipping cost.

Nothing, I pay for shipping.

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Thanks bigbuck this is very generous of you.  O0

Thanks to all and good luck.

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