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wcre6270h1ww shifter/control board


HI I have a washer that goes through the cycle fine but at the end the shifter just goes back and fourth  over and over again., clicks consantly at end of cycle. all lights are off on the control panel.
Now it can be 3 things main control  panel, motor which has a control board on it or a bad shifter !!!
Has anyone seen this before >????
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Bad mode shifter.

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  What do you mean by saying the shifter goes back and forth? The shifter is a cam that goes up (shifter coil energized for agitate) or down (de-energized for spin). Are you saying that it is constantly engaging/disengaging after a normal cycle? Or are you talking about the agitator going back and forth? How long does it do this after normal cycle? Does cycling the power make it stop?


hi yes the shifter goes up and down over and over after cycle   there is no agitation, im not sure how long it does it but the lady just unplugs it....    tks  joe


  Well, the shifter appears to be working fine. It's just a dumb device, no brains/electronics, just a coil of wire. Current through the coil creates a magnetic field that pulls the shifter cam up. Stop the current and a spring sends the cam back down. The inverter is switching the current on/off when it shouldn't be. The inverter has it's own microprocessor (brains) and program algorithms. I don't think the control panel could be making the inverter do this. Sounds like a bad inverter. Are their any error codes on the inverter? Three flashes = corrupted software. If there's an error code, try resetting. If not, replace inverter/motor.



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