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Whirlpool gas dryer runs, no heat

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Hey guys:

Working on a Whirlpool gas dryer model LG5551XTW0. Customer complaint was runs but no heat. Pulled front to access burner & observe ignitor. Ran unit found no ignitor glow. Checked & found the following:

IGNITOR: Continuity - 72 ohms (within Whirlpool's noted range of 50 to 300 ohms)
FLAME SWITCH: Continuity - 0 ohms
CONTROL T-STAT: Continuity - 0 ohms, heater ckt good
THERMAL FUSE: Continuity - 0 ohms
HIGH LIMIT T-STAT: Continuity - 0 ohms
MOTOR SWITCH CONTACTS M1 - M2: Continuity - 0 ohms while running, wires disconnected.
TIMER CONTACTS: At R to B terms: Continuity - 0 ohms

So it seems as if the circuit is good and should provide power to the ignitor. Though this would not prevent the ignitor from operating, I also checked the coils on the valve and all show continuity. I then unplugged the wire to the burner assy and checked voltage with the unit running and found that (wires 1V to 3V) to be at 40VAC. That didn't seem right to me, so I manually bypassed each t-stat, the thermal fuse, the timer contacts and the motor switch one at a time and came up with the same results.

I must be missing something. Any ideas?



Any one have a wiring diagram we could see?


--- Quote from: Bailey on October 15, 2012, 04:24:24 PM ---Any one have a wiring diagram we could see?

--- End quote ---

Here you go...

Sounds like the timer as when using a meter (9 volts ) it shows good but may not be allowing voltage(bad contact) to be full when 110 goes across.

Thanks for your input OldStoveGuy.

I had wondered if the contacts could be breaking down under load. Everything else sure looks good. Thinking also that I may try following the circuit through and seeing if I could determine where it drops from 110VAC to 40VAC. I just rarely have trouble with dryers, so this one threw me a curve!

Since I am primarily familiar with Frigidaire/Electrolux products and not quite so familiar with other brands, I wanted to run this past the rest of the folks here to see if someone else has come across this in Whirlpool dryers in particular. Every brand seems to have their own quirks.

Take care,



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