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LSQ9110PW3 Not Spinning

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Ok I have exhausted youtube, google and other repair sites.

The washer stopped spinning over the weekend, does everything else and you can hear the motor trying to spin during the spin cycle. So I took a look at the coupler and the plastic pieces are intact, no visible cracks or breaks and no appearant sign of rounding out.

There are some bits and pieces of the black rubber piece on them but no signs of damage to the rubber piece.

So I moved on to the clutch and here is where I am stuck, how do I know if the clutch is bad? I dont want to waste money on a clutch if there is nothing wrong with this one and the real problem is the transmission.

Normally I would just say screw it and buy another washing machine but being that I got laid off on Thursday this is not an option, I have really no idea what I am doing (this is the first time I have even attempted at taking a washing machine or any appliance apart) but being a fast learner the videos and other information on the net has helped tremendously.

Thank you in advance for any help you could provide.

Hi, sorry to hear about you getting laid off.

Does the washer tub try and spin at all?

Beside the clutch there could be something stuck between the tub and basket keeping it from spinning.
Feel with your hand around the top of the tub to see if you can get lucky and feel something stuck between the two.

If I could not find anything stuck between the tub and basket I would then run the washer in the spin cycle with the cabinet off and the lid switch bypassed.

With the cabinet off and the washer running in the spin cycle I would look at the clutch to see if it's spinning around.

If the clutch is spinning around and the washer basket is not spinning then I would suspect the clutch is slipping.
If the clutch is not spinning then you have a problem with the transmission.

You could also remove the agitator and check the drive block in the spin cycle to make sure it's not stripped out. Most of the time if the drive block is stripped out the washer will be really noisy during the spin cycle.

Your washer uses...

Clutch part # 285785

Drive Block part # 389140

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

Tilt the washer back and look at the clutch while in spin.  If the clutch is not spinning, you have a bad transmission.

Ok so I put it back together minus the agitator and low and behold everything is spinning. Push the button in hear the brake click basket stops.

So out of caution I turn it back on to make sure it wasnt a fluke and this time the basket does not spin. The clutch however is spinning its butt off

I carry a tub block on my truck because I replace them regularly. I think that would be next. Pull the agitator off.  The tub block is the piece that has the big nut on it. The spin tub that comes up from below has two ears that fit into two recesses on the block. You should be able to see the tube spinning inside the block. It may be gunked up so wipe it off as needed.


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