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I'm working on a Kenmore Elite FL Washer model #110.42832201. It on occasion will fill with water on it's own but it's only once and a while. Anyone come  across this and/or what could the problem be. How do you diagnosis something so intermittent?

Sounds like water is leaking past the water inlet valve.
I would replace the water inlet valve, part # 8181694

Would that actually fill the tub enough to run out the door?

Never seen one leak that bad. If you think the machine is some how powering the water inlet valve on it's own have them unplug the washer for a day or two and see if the washer still fills with water on it's own.

How is there water pressure?
Are they on city water or a well?

To check water valve,   turn machine on fill,  turn to cold water fill.   Unplug several times.  See if water shuts off immediately,  or if it keeps running a little.   Or a Lot.   Do the same with hot.   If it keeps running,  replace valve like AJ said.    Even if it doesn't,   I would replace valve, can't be much else.   Depending on you water quality,  valve could be plugged internally a little and be causing this.      I would highly doubt the machine is powering up itself and turning on valve,  but hey,  with this electronic equipment anything can happen.   


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