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Amana refrigerator freezing

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Amana refrigerator model ABB2522FEB refrigerator started freezing food in the crisper drawers and on the top shelf.  I have replaced the thermistor in the fridge. 

The damper seems to work, although when i check it it is open more often than not.  I can push a little on wheel that opens and closes it, and the motor will take over and close it.

Both the freezer and refrigerator seem too cold. With the temp control set at 1 in the refrigerator I am getting temps of 26f on the top shelf and 23f in the bottom.  The freezer temp control is set at 4 and I am getting temps at -4f to -10f. 

The compressor does not seem to be running more than it used to before the problem started, but then I didn't pay much attention to it until now.  The door seals seem fine.  The coils under it have recently been cleaned, it was the first thing I did and they weren't that bad.  The compressor is running now and I just checked the temp of the coils and they are at 125f.

So, do I need to: A. install the new damper i have; B. replace the thermostat in the back of the unit; C. replace the control board in the top front of the refrigerator; or D. do something else?

I vote for the Jazz board, especially since you already replaced the thermistor.



OK, so I got a hold of a tech sheet.  I ran through the service tests, and wouldn't you know that darn damper would open just fine, but wouldn't close when the control told it to. I put in the new damper that I bought with the thermistor, re-ran the test, and it did what it was told. I'm gonna watch it for a while and see what happens. It being Saturday, any parts I order won't ship for 2 more days anyway, so I figure I have some time.


--- Quote ---OK, so I got a hold of a tech sheet.
--- End quote ---

You should have just asked us in your first post for a tech sheet.

We got tech sheets, lots of them for that model. :)

I would have, had I known about their existence.  Now I have 3 or 4.  Next appliance that dies, I will know what to ask for.  Thank you.


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