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washer not going on high spin

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frenchy 111:
my GE washer # WCSR4170G0CC it's not going to high speed why

  Possible brake resistor failure on the motor/inverter (depends on which model year yours is, need serial number) which will cause an error code on the inverter and limit the speed to 50 rpm. First try an error code reset by unplugging washer for one minute, plug back in and open and close the lid five times within 12 seconds. If this doesn't work, you will need to open the front of the washer and check the LED indicator on the inverter board above the motor for any error codes being flashed.



  Looks like your washer is a newer model (2010-2012)? that has a newer type motor/inverter without the brake resistor. Not sure if error code reset works the same on these models but give it a try. If not, check for error flashes on LED indicator.


FB if the brake resister is not on the latest model did they go to a locking lid switch config?


--- Quote from: JWWebster on October 12, 2012, 08:51:03 PM ---FB if the brake resister is not on the latest model did they go to a locking lid switch config?

--- End quote ---

  Can't say for sure as I have not seen one in person, just going by parts diagrams and part lists online. The OP's model does not show as having a lid lock and shows the motor/inverter as #WH20X10057. Various images of this part number show some having the resistor and some not. Online images do not always show the actual product and are often used just for reference. My understanding is that the new motor/inverter without the resistor was introduced sometime in 2010. I have seen parts diagram of a recent model washer that has the motor/inverter without the resistor and still not showing a lid lock. The resistor is mounted into the metal plate that is mounted over the top of the inverter. When viewing the top of the motor it shows as a large rectangular hump in the plate. The new model motor/inverters do not have this hump as the resistor has been eliminated. Also, the error code LED is red and is viewed from the right side under a flap on the new inverters.

  The 50 rpm that I mentioned as a consequence of a brake resistor error code is extremely slow. It may be that the motor is overheating which gives a different error code but will still allow the motor to operate at a reduced speed. The easiest thing to do is to just do an error code reset. Sometimes error codes are set due to a power surge or intermittent problem. If that fails, then the OP needs to look at the inverter LED for an error code.



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