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Need (Free) Download of Wiring Diagrams for Kitchenaid Dishwasher kuds01flwh2


I am a new forum member and I need a Wiring Diagram for our Kitchenaid model KUDS01FLWH2 dishwasher.
I removed the control panel from the door to see if I could find out is causing our no start issues, now I am not sure where all the wiring connectors need to be connected on the control panel boards inside for control panel that attaches to the door.

Please provide a link to a free (no charge) wiring diagram.

Thanks Jim

Not sure what you have checked so far, but here are some things I would check.

Check the float inside the dishwasher to make sure it moves up and down freely.
Check for power at the junction box at the bottom of the dishwasher.
Check the fuse on the control panel for continuity with a multimeter.

Your dishwasher uses Fuse Part # 8193762

I have attached a copy of the tech sheet for your model dishwasher.
It includes a wiring diagram along with a lot of other information.

Hope that helps.

Let us know how you turn out.

AJ, thanks for the Tech sheet PDF
I know it is not a power issue, since all of the user interface button light up when each of them are pressed, also I did the interface test that turns on all the button lights, tested OK.

I recheck all the connectors and they are attached to the right connections. Two of them looked like they were similiar but the of wire contacts were different. So it appears that I reconnected everything OK.

Is there any way to move one the interface button (that we do not ever use - exchange positions with the start interface button that has a broken pressure pad above).

This would help me figure out if I need a new user interface board (part# 8270168).

We have had this start problems for a number of months now, but we have always been able to get it started by pushing the start button up to 10 times.  But not now.

Any advise is appreciated.



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