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Whirlpool side by side ice door not opening- many repairs attempted

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If I get one of these calls again that is the plan. Also the motor comes out of the package with the arm in the wrong position.I had to activate it and when it got lined up put a screw in it. Theres got to be a better way. I have the service manual which was no help.

The last time, I did replace the motor and the control board at the same time.  Lasted a day and same problem.  I went ahead and ordered all the dispenser parts (connector, flapper, holder) and a new motor and installed all last night thinking maybe something was off and it was much cheaper than the fountain control board (which I still do not know if it has anything to do with the dispenser).  It worked last night.  Whether it continues or not is the question and I will update here.  As it is 5 yrs. old, I am out of luck on the warranty so if this does not work I will quit and wait to win the lottery so I can buy another fridge.  Hear you about the motor, you can also turn it to the right position before installing.  Service manual was not much help as according to the troublehooting, I should not be having a problem!

Forgot to update years ago and wanted to say the fix worked by replacing the whole assembly so I think that it was the bracket or flapper but it is still working now. Unfortunately, now the door opens but there is no ice coming through and no sound to the auger motor.  Thinking the motor is gone but gotta put the multimeter on it when I get a chance to be sure b4 I pay for a new motor. 


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