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Whirlpool side by side ice door not opening- many repairs attempted

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Whirlpool side by side GS6NVEXSL01.  My original ice door dispenser motor went out after having the fridge for 5 years. I replaced it and it lasted about 2 months and I replaced it again and it has lasted about the same amount of time and died again. The motor is getting power but it is not turning. The motor shaft seems frozen in one position and when I take it out turn it by hand back to original position and reinstall it, it will work for a few times and then jam again.  Last thing I did was replace the motor and the dispenser control board at the same time and it lasted 2 days and same problem.  The connector, support, and door all seem fine- could something be off just a bit to cause this to happen or could it be the other conrol board?  Any ideas.  Tearing out my hair ;-)   Thanks!

Is the door sealing properly?

Thank you for the repoly.  Fridge door seals fine.  The ice flapper door seals fine when the motor is working as it is supposed to. When the motor goes out of whack, the ice flapper door is overtightened and I need to reposition the motor by hand to have it work again and then it becomes stuck once more.  When it is overtightened, it ceases to operate.  I did order the parts for the flapper and connector and will install this evening to see if it helps.  Only thing left after that would be the fountain control board but I do not know whether this has anything to do with the ice door and don't have the $120 or more to spend on it. 

Good luck with this. I had one doing the same thing. Replaced the motor. Worked fine. Untill the next day. Sure enough the motor would not open the door. Since the motor plugs into the main board I replaced that. Worked fine. Untill the next day.I called a tech I know who works on the whirlpool tech line. He said to replace the fountain control board. I did and it worked fine. Untill the next day. I called him back and he says too bad its not under warranty because at this point I should replace the whole door. I told the customer to call an authorized repair service. That was before I found this site. When i saw this topic I was hoping someone had a fix.

Wonder if it would have made a difference if the motor and main board had both been replaced at the same time.


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