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Whirlpool Side by Side ice maker issue

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Actually have two problems (and wondering if they are related) with this refrigerator.  About once every week to two weeks, water pools on the floor starting from about the freezer area on this side by side.  I think there is a vent tube that needs to be blown out every once in a while, but I haven't been able to find it (probably in the back -- need to take the back cover off)?

The most recent problem is ice forming immediately below the ice maker inside the freezer.  It looks like the ice tray is slowly leaking water.  If I don't catch it early, the ice blob becomes huge and you have to chisel it out in order to get the ice tray out.  Is this repairable, or would you need to replace the entire ice maker?

First probllem is definitely the drain.   If you click on the parts link at the top of the forum, you can get diagrams which may help you find the drain access.

As for the second problem, the ice stalagmite will lead you to the source of the problem. The icemaker needs to be level. and not overfilling. Sometimes the plastic coating on the icemaker mold starts flaking off allowing the water to corrode the metal which can wick water up and over the side.

Thought I would give an update to the leaking refrigerator issue I was having.  This refrigerator has an ice maker that delivers cubed ice as well as crushed ice.  This spring we talked to another friend who had similar problems with their refrigerator flooding the floor randomly.  She disconnected the water to the ice maker and the flooding problem stopped.  My wife decided to stop using the crushed ice mode and only dispense cubed ice.  We stopped using crushed ice in April of this year.  We only use cubed ice now and so far we have not had any flooding since. 

Has anyone with the crushed mode had the flooding problems?

That shouldn't make any difference. The auger simply turns the opposite direction to create crushed ice vs standard cubes.


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