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ther double wall oven C302 US

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Well sorry to hear that Dave. Sounds like a tough one for sure.
I'm going to remove your email address from your post because it will attract spammers.

If anyone knows a better way to access this element please post your info here so we can all learn from it.


Does it look like this?

All Brand:
Thanks A J  I will keep you updated

All Brand:
this one has a brace that goes all the way down the center.It does have a bottom plate that can be bent but i cant move the element at all

Send us some pictures of this if you can.   I looked,  and I don't have a manual on that model number.  Maybe someone has worked on it before.    Is there a side panel that maybe it slips out of?   Something like the GE stove with the hidden element.    There has to be an answer.   


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