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ther double wall oven C302 US

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How do you replace lower oven bake element.Its a Hidden element Had unit out with back off to diagnois.Looks like out the back .There is a center brace that be removed or does it come out the bottom? thxs for any help Dave

Did you get it figured out?

All Brand:
going today

Care to share with us what you had to do?

All Brand:
 today and removed from the wall. I can not believe that a company could build a unit with no thought on a bake element would never have to be replaced. The only way I could see to replace the element is to flip it over. Then it look s like a lower panel may be come off. Left scratching my
head. I am a one man business for close to thirty years. So this oven maybe 250 300 lbs has to be flip to repair? I will be returning withhelp if anyone knows any other way please email *** thxs Dave


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