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WTW5600XW0 - No Spin or Agitation

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I've read the service manual for the WTW5600XW0, and know limited information other than my symptoms.  I got it into diagnostic mode and it ran the test and finished, but didn't have time to get the trouble codes off of it (it was waking up my 10 month old son). 

Saturday we had a power failure, and then a few minutes later the power came back on.  The washer had 1 minute left when the power went out.  Since then we have had no Drum Agitation and no spin during the spin cycle, and the lid lock light flashes.  It sounds like the motor hums.  I have had the top off, and taken off the lid latch and tested it with an ohm meter.  I am not sure what the ohm readings were as my dad tested it and it "beeped" :) 

Best I can tell the lid latch is good, that said I checked the connectors on the back of the top control unit and everything was plugged in. 

While the top was off we did run the rise & spin cycle i believe it was and it does fill with water and will drain, however no spinning of the drum happened.  It seemed as though the drum had a VERY slight "twitch" to it but did not spin.

The drum will spin by hand.  I have a sinking feeling that its the Motor Control Unit / MCU?  I am hopeful when I get home and check the belt that it will be broken, but I doubt it.

Is there ANY chance that leaving it unplugged for say an hour will reset the brain if you will and it go back to working again?  Is it still possible that the Lid Latch thing is broken, we had it apart and looked at the inside of it and saw the contacts and such and nothing appeared to have corrosion on it.

What do I do from here?

Couldn't find the edit button, to edit the post above.

Pulled the codes and here are the codes in order:
F5E1, F7E1, F7E7 and then F0E0.  any thoughts?

Fearless Leader has a service manual:

Vertical modular washer

Thank you!  Checked the belt last night and it was off the pulley.  The pulley had come loose and caused the belt to slip off.  Tightened the pulley nut, had the belt back on last night, and everything works like a champ!

Some blue Loc-tite on that nut should keep it from coming off again.


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