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Working on a Sears Calypso Washer  - Model 110.21064000

No Error codes are popping up. Washer just starts and stops, starts and stops etc. Ran diagnostics and washer get stuck in the same spot while in diagnostics mode, right after draining and right before spin cycle and it will not advance past that spot. Drain motor kicks on and off,  Spin motor kicks on and off and just repeats itself. Machine won't complete diagnostics.......Anything else I can do to get this back up and running?

I just replaced the pump, motor and capacitor a couple months back.????????

It sounds like the motor control board is going out.  This can happen if the drain/circulation pump gets jammed and draws too much current.  If you have the tech sheet, verify resistance on the drain/circulation motor and main drive motor.  If they are within spec, replace the motor control.

make sure your tub has nothing under it and is raising and lowering .

The ones I worked on would get nearly to the end and stop if the wrong soap was in em. Seen that twice.

i am bad tub doesn't raise, sorry.


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