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maytag front load washer MHWE450WW01


Control light comes on, dings 3 times and turns off, door open and unable to close it.  Someone wrote it was the user interface.. or part 6. on the diagram..   Unable to run diagnostics on it. Not sure which control panel has the pins in it to test for continuity when electrician comes between 1 to 3 for the door lock and the other 3 for the motor.. If those are ok and switches all facing upwards?? figure it's a communication problem. .and it needs a CCU.. this machine has 9 CONSOLES on its order page and three different control boards two called electronic circuits. Not sure if I should order the door latch kit etc. and try to get the door closed to see if I can start the diagnostics.. or since the CCU works both the door ,etc. or it could even be the wiring harness I suppose. Where do you start? ??

Did you get this fixed or do you still need help?

A bad motor control board will cause that problem on those models...

Hi, sorry I haven't been online.. nope not fixed yet... We bought the electronic board or 13 W10326989 Microcomputer,
Machine Control

I think I read somewhere, if the machine was stuck in a cycle.. and the door was closed, my son opened it.. and now we can't get door to close. .that maybe replace the door latch.. for about $60... +.. can return it I guess if it's a no go.. get a beep after plugging that part in.. and the old one did look like there were some burn marks.
Can't call out the guru's just yet.. still no job!

we tried this part first 6 W10283493 User Interface one light comes on, makes a beeping noise?


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