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Author Topic: KitchenAid Bottom Freezer Drain clogged- need to remove drawer to gain access  (Read 82983 times)

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I go to rear and remove duckbill-insert zoom spout oiler with hot water up tube-it will melt the ice-or use a steamer it works great-install  P-TRAP part # W10619951 then remove freezer door 4 screws then lower basket and use steamer to remove rest of ice in drain-no need to remove back  panel or side rails.

Don't have a steamer or oiler so had to do the defrost the harder way.  The P-Trap is already on it's way.  I imagine it saves some energy by blocking cold air from dropping straight out the drain hole.

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the duck bill is a very common issue i just cut bottom off duck billtip  p trap kit works but ge uses that system and the trap gets full of  slime and plugs up usually works great for 2 or 3 yrs. the idea is to maximize efficiency but having an 1/8 in gap in duck bill does not have a negative impact

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this is the repair for the sticky duck bill. go here

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Was able to remove all of the frozen stuff from the bottom freezer area using the hairdryer to buy myself some time... but after removing the freezer basket and drawer, upon locking the freezer rails back in place, it seems to be out of alignment and not sliding properly... I don't see any adjustments and i replaced the rails exactly as I slid them out?  Any assistance is appreciated.

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at the back of the freezer door is a bar with two geared wheels that mate up with the teeth on the plastic part the rails mount in... if you put the door back in cockeyed which is very easy to do then it will stay that way as it slides in and out.. on some models the gears disengage from the teeth when you push the door all the way back and the door evens out, on others you have to pull the door out again (at least far enough to get the gears off the track) and then carefully put it back in so that it closes evenly. also on some models the gears have flat spots that mate up with matching raised areas in the front of the teeth on the track, you have to be sure they're turned the right way when the door slides in,  and that the flat spots on the geared wheels are facing the same direction for both wheels..

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this is the repair for the sticky duck bill. go here

This is very timely as my repair company tried to say this was not a covered issue under my extended service plan. If there is a technical bulletin that addresses this, I don't see how it could not be covered and or a common complaint for my KFIL27CXMS3 KitchenAide that is 16 months old. Thanks for the information!

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Re: KitchenAid Bottom Freezer Drain clogged- need to remove drawer to gain access
« Reply #16 on: September 24, 2015, 08:30:54 PM »
Thank goodness for this forum and for YouTube.   We had a puddle of water at the bottom of our KitchenAid French Door fridge.   Took a while but disassembled the freezer per the instructions on this forum.   Yup the duckbill thingy was clogged with bits of white styrofoam. Pull that sucker off, cleaned it, then put it back.   Then pulled the freezer apart with a gazillion little screws, tabs, brackets etc.   There was a dam of frozen water blocking the drain outlet.   I microwaved a cup of water until it was boiling like mad then used a turkey baster to melt it.  Took about ten minutes and then the water drained.  I noticed a bunch more little bits of white styrofoam in the back of the freezer by the thin steel blades.  I washed it all down the tube... and yup... then took the back off again and sure enough the duckbill was clogged up.  So I cleaned 'er good the second time and also cut a small notch (tip I saw somewhere) in it to help pass those little kidney stone fellas.  Hopefully this will last for a little while. 

Jeez.. the things I got through to have ice for my cocktails!    :D

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Re: KitchenAid Bottom Freezer Drain clogged- need to remove drawer to gain access
« Reply #17 on: September 24, 2015, 08:49:50 PM »
That's great, thanks for posting!




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