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GE upright freezer model FF20DSDRWH


Have this GE upright freezer model FF20DSDRWH that is having some kinda of compressor problem.When you plug it into the outlet and turn it on the compressor starts and runs for about a minuet or so and then cuts off.You can hear a click sound as it shuts off.(overload I think)The overload,start relay was discolored so I replaced it with a new overload,relay assembly.No help it still cuts off after about a minuet or so.I have ohmed the compressor and it ohms out ok. S to R=10.3 ohms C to S =6.2 ohms C to R =4.2 ohms.I have also checked each winding to ground and none show grounded.What could be wrong with this compressor?What else do I need to be checking?Thank you

Sounds like the compressor is bad.  Check your manual, it might be covered under warranty if it's under five years old.

Thanks I was afraid of that.Thank you for your time and the reply.

Sounds like you use a all purpose relay and overload kit on this and want you need to no is the H.P of the compressor so you use the right kit .Like the Suoco relay kit RO81 is used on a 1/12 1/5  H.P. compressor and a RO41 kit is used on a 1/4 to 1/3 H.P.Compressor.If you use the wrong one it will run a little bit and shut off on overload.


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