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white knit shirts look like burn marks after dryer ?

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Replace the rear drum seal and probably the drum rollers, too.



great thanks so one more thing...This is in a closet and  have access to the front, can I do this wthout taking it out of the closet ?? Its a pan in the rear to get it out...If so can someone help me with a good descripton of how to ?
 It looks like the knob panel removes then the front door panel and I can get at everything but I dont know the proper way to remove ether.
Thanks agan guys I appreciate all the help

This job is done from the front.  There are two screws on the bottom of the console about one inch from the ends.  They are attached to a spring loaded clip.  Just pull them down with pliers and the console will flip down.  Remove the ground wire and the two 5/16 screws from the front panel.  Push the front panel up to remove it from the clips. Remove the belt. Remove the top panel so you can spread the sides apart and remove the drum. 

great, I dropped the panel down to see how it was done, pc of cake, looks like a pretty easy job right ? The wheels look the hardest...Anything else I should do whle in there besides vaccum ?

Thanks so much

Check the belt, if the rubber is cracked, replace it.  The idler pulley should spin freely. 




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