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Samsung DMT800RHS-XAA


Any body know something about This DW & code 36 display.   Will make service call tomorrow evening.    Customer says unit will drain, then fill, start the wash cycle, & then stop displaying code 36.   Never have worked on this particular unit, suspect it has something to do with the sump drain, probably needs to be cleaned.   Any & all help is very appeciated.    :thanks:

PS already checked the 7 page rapid sheet for Samsung DMT800.    Also where would the tech sheet be found, in the door, kick panal if it has one, or somewhere else in the unit.

The best I can figure is that customer read code wrong & it reads '3E'      Anybody have any thoughts on that?

cant seem to reference that error code.. best l can think of is the 9E error which occurs after filling indicating a alow water level error.. there is a switch assm on the side of the dw that may need cleaning or replacing.. all l got for now

Should have posted earlier.  Asked homeowner to throw breaker for 5 minutes then power back up.  Machine cycled OK & have not been called back so my guess is the error was just a qlitch.


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