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Maytag Refrigerator Problem


I am working on a Maytag SxS refrigerator Model# MBF2256KEW -- Serial # 10039038LC and when I got their it was froze up down in the freezer,Checked defrost thermastat its OK
Checked defrost heater its OK
This is whats weird
When I force defrost it would NOT go into defrost
Tried it again and it did BUT!!!! the compressor was still running!
Also the evaporator fan was not running
No power was coming to the fan motor, so I figured its the board, when I put it all back together the fan stated running...
Could it be a faulty board?
Could moisture gotten into the fan motor and when I used the hair dryer it could have dried up and thats all that was wrong?
Thermitor maybe?
PLEASE help with any ideas as I am going back tomorrow to see if its still running and if it is starting to freeze back up!!!!!
thanks in advance for any help

Typical Jazz board failure.

Take a look at my follow-up post today on my MBR2258.    The repair guy just left and found this little rubberish funnel in the drain thing melted shut.


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