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Whirlpool stove - Burner stuck on high


I have this stove and one of the big burners will occasionally go to the high setting automatically while being used and not shut off until you turn the switch off. When you turn it back on it works fine. Sometimes its days before it happens again. This is the only symptom. it is the front right burner. I am thinking it must be the switch but wanted to check here before I start buying parts.

Mod# RF368LXPB0
Ser# RR3714739


Yep, bad burner switch.

Here are the Burner Switches for your model.
Make sure you order the correct switch for the right size burner.

If you are not sure of the burner size then do what I do and look at the part number on the old switch to make sure you get the correct one.

Thanks, It's the large one for sure. Does it matter as far as left or right? the part numbers are the same so I am guessing not.

As for right or left if the part number is the same you should be fine.
Some of the switches cover more then one size burner.


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