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Noticed some water on the floor last couple of days.     Now I find a sheet of ice about 1/4 to 3/8 " thick on the bottom of the freezer compartment.  (I picked that up in one piece and removed it.)   Another thing I noticed was a lot of frost buildup over the lower half of  little gizmo identified in the parts diagram as FREEZER THERMISTOR COVER. #31,      Should I take like a hair dryer and melt that frost off/??
Is there any clue here to what is wrong?   The freezer is still very cold, making ice OK.   
I really need help with this as I am doing chemo for cancer and my wife is not all that well either!   Bad day at black rock.!
She has a coronary if we have to have a repairman into her clean house, but if this is a big job I probably can't tackle it as I once might have.

Assuming I may need to remove the freezer drawer to access something back there , is there a secret to getting it off the slide rails????

Pull the drawer all the way out.  About 3/4 of the way back of the rails on each side is a plastic locking tab.  Push the tabs in and pull the drawer the rest of the way out.  The leaking water sounds like a frozen drain.  If there's frost buildup on the back panel, you have a defrost problem.  There's a tech sheet under the right front corner with some diagnostics.  A defrost problem on these is almost always a bad Jazz board, part # 12868513

I really appreciate the feedback.        How does the drain get that a side affect of the defrost problem????

The freezer temp is still 5 degrees, so that seems to be a good sign.     I was surprised to find when looking in my file that when we bought this in May 2011, we also bought a 2 year extended warranty @ Home Depot.  ( As a rule, I do not buy warranties.   Must have been a smooth talker!)  So I have a service call coming on Wednesday.   As long as the freezer stays cold, I will just keep cleaning up the water on the pan .    It is quite intermittent, as if associated with a defrost I am assuming it is not related to water to the icemaker.......but in my condition I just have to wait for the service tech to get into the back panel and check all that.


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