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What parts should I salvage on a MAH3000?


I have a MAH3000 that came down with with a bad drum bearing. I was going to fix it, but then saw a MAH5500BWW on craigslist for $100. (I may be a glutton for punishment here, but the evil you know seems safer than the evil you don't know) It seems to work fine so I am going with it.

My question is, what parts from the MAH3000 should I salvage and which ones are compatible with the MAH5500? It looks like the door boot is compatible. Mine was replaced years ago for free by Maytag and has remained mildew free ever since. The one I just got is blackish grey. What about the drive motor, solenoid valves, pump, etc? And does the control board still have any value?


The best way to check compatibility is to look up both models and see which parts have the same part number.  I believe drain pump is the same part number, but the MAH3000 had a weak 40 watt pump.  The replacement is 80 watts. I do know the control board and door latch are not the same.

ya, not much is interchangeable between the two.

How's that craigslist washer been working for you?

Thanks for asking. It is still working. Maybe 50 loads run through it, so I may have got my moneys worth already. :)  I have not had a chance to swap the door gasket yet. I tried cross referencing to see if both models share the same part, but I could not confirm it. Not sure I am using the right sites for parts reference.


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