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I worked on an LG dishwasher LDS5811WW the other day that the wash motor would not run in the cycle. Everything else worked. I checked to see if the motor was locked up as is sometimes the case with these. The impeller turned freely by hand. I checked for broken wires in the door harness which is also another common cause, all the wires were good. I checked the service manual, ran it through the diagnostic mode, and every time it got to the step in the diagnostic mode where the wash motor is activated it stopped and started beeping and flashing a "CE" error. There is no CE error listed in the service manual! Also the service manual and schematic is not very helpful in further diagnostics of the motor circuit. They don't tell you what ohm reading you should get from the motor, and they don't tell you what voltage readings you should get to the motor. I ohmed the motor out all the way back to the control and got about 16 ohms from every combination of the 3 main wires to the motor (white, blue, light blue). I assume this motor runs on DC volts since it is variable speed so I checked for DC volts to these wires and got nothing when the motor should have been running in the cycle. Based on this, I ordered a control board for it. Hopefully that is the fix. I will reply back here after I go back. I'm just really disappointed in the service information available for these LG products. Even a google search for the CE error on LG dishwashers turned up nothing. The other thing I was worried about is the motor has a hall sensor circuit in it, and again, there is no information in the service manual on how to test that.
And just to clarify, the error code was definitely CE, not OE or LE. All the LED segments on the control were working properly, so it was not likely I was misreading the error.

"CE" (Communication Error)

Though not listed in the Service Manual---it exists.

A rare error in LG products.

Replacing the MAIN BOARD should resolve the fault (if not---it's possible that one of the DISPLAY BOARDS has failed).

All 5811 LG dishwashers have the "flawed" Wash Motors. I always provide my customers with this information to allow them to consider their options if a repair is required on the dishwasher.

The HALL EFFECT SENSOR in the LG dishwasher Wash Motor however---is reliable (never had a single failure).

Having same problem with another model. Did replacing the board solve the problem?

Yes the board solved the problem.


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