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GE Profile Fridge - icemaker feeler arm issue

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 I just now need to know which way is on or off but may have figured that to the right is on and to the left is off?

With feeler arm tucked in the icemaker “thinks” the ice bin is full so it doesn’t make ice. I still say there isn’t an adjustment the spring always pulls the arm all the way out (what you are calling to the right) The only time the arm isn’t all the way out is if the ice is holding it back (or something) or the icemaker is in mid cycle.

Yes, right now spring is in proper and paddle is out to the right but not all the way, tray is full of ice........and I do believe no ice generated since yesterday!!!!!.

I gather the paddle only needs to move to the left a little from it's stationary position to turn it off.

Think I will order the field replacement paddle anyway since its only $10.00

Thanks again all!!!

In case anyone needs:

The Feeler Arm (paddle) will not swing to the left to stop the ice maker.

Stock Feeler Arm rides just above the ice where it wont be pushed to the side to shut the maker off.

Feeler arm field fix # WR49X10103

The paddle is curved downwards along one side to contact (slightly scoop) scoop the ice.


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