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Looking for PFS22SISBSS GE PROFILE Service manual


The usual story.  Out of warranty and doing my own repairs. 
If you have the service manual for a GE Profile PFS22SISBSS, please let me know.


What is wrong with it?

Freezer and fresh food failed thermistors.  I have ordered the parts from appliance parts pro, but I would like to review the wiring and model specific information.  I have found other similar service manuals for the ge profile series, but not the french door w/bottom freezer.  I have already done the replacement motherboard year before last due to dried up capacitors (same problem that caused all the computer MB failures).  Fortunately that one was covered under warranty.


Hi Michael, new member here.  Did you have any luck getting the manual? 

I also have this refrigerator and it has been the biggest POS I have ever had.  I too have had the motherboard replaced 2 times (both out of warranty)  I currently have a problem with what I believe to be the compressor running constantly as if it is not reaching temperature but freezer seems cool enough inside.  I have put a thermometer in the freezer and reads about what the temp setting is at, however never stops running.

Could my issue also be an issue with these thermistors?  Where can I order them from and what do you know approximate cost.


Chibbs and Michael what did you find out what was wrong with your Refrigs?


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