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GE Washer wont fill with water

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Model is #GTWN4950L0WS HydroWave washing machine when you press the start button nothing happens it wont fill with water the fill light just flashes and beeps every 10 sec or so. I checked the magnetic switch continuity test with lid open and close and its fine. I took the front of the washer off to look to see if the light on the motor was flashing any codes but its not. It flashing red every .5 sec. I also unplugged the washer plugged it back in after 30 seconds and opened and closed the lid 6 times and pushed start nothing happens the fill light just keeps blinking and and beeps every so many second. Im thinking a control board at this point any suggestion :'( would be appreciated.

Take the hoses off there and check the screens.

Screens look fine they are solid plastic on the washer inlets and will not come out but look clear either way. I tried it again today whatever cycle you select the appropriate lights appear but when you hit start the cycle lights go out and the fill light starts blinking and periodically beeps. I might buy a control board i can get one for $30 shipped.

Well i got the plastic screens out there was some small amount of deposit on the cold side cleaned both hot and cold screens but it didn't fix my problem i plugged the washer back in and the fill light is still flashing.

Page 19 shows how to check the water valve


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