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Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator - Icemaker again

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Thanks! I got it ordered. I sure hope this fixes it. this ice maker has been quirky.

Ok, got the new part in. Fits like a charm but still no ice. It filled with water, I can feel the ice cubes but that is it. It's not making ice. My temp settings are set to 6, the door bucket is empty. Any ideas?

I have to order a switch for my stove so if this needs another part I want to order them together and save on shipping. 

I pulled the fridge out, vacuumed from the backside and then from the front. The coils were pretty well caked up. Using an infrared thermometer the interior of the freezer is 0-2 degrees F on average. Everything is hard frozen.

The Infrared sensor flashes 2 times, pause, 2 times, pause like it should and goes to a steady light when the flap is pushed down.

Any other ideas?

The ice maker is new, it fills with water so the water valve is ok.
If the freezer temp is ok about all that is left would be the control board on the side wall, part # 4389102


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