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Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator - Icemaker again

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If I jump it and it works, does that mean the board is bad? I ask because it flashes and pauses like it should.

The flashes in those are not always correct, it seems like everyone I look at is different. If you jump it you send direct power to the ice maker, so if it works when you jump it, you are correct.

Ok, I just jumped it and closed the door so it will get to temp. I want to see if it will make ice. I did not jump the thermostat. I can 15-20 minutes and check it.

Nothing. I jumped it and left it overnight. About to bypass the thermostat on the icemaker and see if it will run. I might just put the whole damn thing on the curb.

I jumped the thermostat and it ran fine. I put it all back together and will order the IR controls.


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