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Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator - Icemaker again

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I have the refrigerator below and I think its possessed. In march of last year the ice maker stopped working. After closer inspection the gear under the side cover had snapped off and burned up. I got a used replacement icemaker from a friend who had a 2nd fridge with no water connection and put it in and it did not fix it. I got frustrated and left it alone for like 6 months.

Then one day out of the blue it started working all of a sudden. However, I had put something back together wrong because it was dumping ice all over the bottom of the freezer. Only about half of it was going in the door box. I dealt with that for the last 6 months and now it has stopped making ice again.

I pulled the ice maker out and the white fingers that turn to push the cubes out after the tray heats are pointing straight down and frozen into half cubes. I pulled it out again to thaw it and came here immediately. The infrared sensor is flashing two times, pause, two times, pause over and over. Any ideas?

Edit: I am looking to get the icemaker working again and I am also looking for pictures of one assembled so I can see what I put together wrong. I know it has to be some spring or plastic piece.

Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator:
Ser: SR4054839
Man Date: 10/04
Type 26SSA

Take a look at your original ice maker. It has a special slide on it that guides the ice into the door. Your Buddy's probably didn't have it. Get yours off the original and install it on your working ice maker.

All he gave me was the icemaker itself. All the plastic attached to it came from mine. I will get them out and compare them. I am sure I must have missed something.

Wow, not sure how I missed it but you are correct. It doesn't have that slide. Ok, going to order the part I need. Is this it?



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