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Getting new food chopper back in dishwasher


The videos online make it seems easy, but my husband and I have cussed enough to make a sailor blush.   ::)

Any hints on how to do it easier?  Some videos show them using a screwdriver and some needle nose pliers.

After some cussing today I got the blade back in.  But it still sounds noisy like some piece of plastic is bouncing around.  How do I know when I need a new blade?  Thanks.

I'm not sure why you are having such a problem with the chopper.  I do seem to recall the first time I replaced one I tried to install it in the back groove instead of the front one.  It doesn't fit that way :) .  The bad choppers I've seen, the blade had fallen off and the screen was completely clogged.  If you hear rattling, it's probably just something knocking around in there. It may pump out on it's own or you can take it apart again and clean it out.  Whenever I take one of these apart I have my shopvac ready and give it a good cleaning.

The white knob on the back of the blade seemed higher up than the black knob that I needed to attach it too.  One of the videos I watched someone needed a scredriver to do a little manipulation to get the white and black part together.  Where should I vacuum in the dishwasher.

Also, I ran the dishwasher and noise went away.  Whatever was in making it flushed out I guess.



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