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MD.       E23CS78ESS0
SER.      4A64227322

I'll spare the horrid history of this job and get straight to the point.

I've replaced pretty much every relay/computer board in the fridge, minus the inverter.
The problem that is happening, is, when you close the freezer door, the ice/water dispenser touchpad will light up, the lights on the ice/water paddles light up, and the most peculiar thing, is that the ice auger inside the freezer will kick out ice through the dispenser, until you open the freezer door up.

I've replaced the dispenser relay board twice, which i'm kinda feeling like both parts were bad from my parts company.
The first board was replaced by my tech, and the touch panel wouldn't light up, but when we re-installed the old relay board, the touch panel lit up.
The 2nd board, I personally installed, and after closer examination, I realized a Capacitor was completely missing.

So, we installed the main computer, and the control housing right next to it, which I don't even know what the hell the control housing does, with the original dispenser relay board, and we still got the same symptom.

So considering the relay control board I had was bad, and i replaced all computer boards, I'm still thinking that the dispenser board is bad.
I'm ordering another board, and i'm going to try one last time.

Does anybody have any insight on this?
Does anybody think it is the dispenser relay board??
Dons Appliances

Don I will have more time to look this up later,but are your light switch's on this model 2 way ?

Did you check the micro switch?

Still haven't been able to find a wiring diagram for this unit. All lights should light up on it . I will get one tomorrow and maybe be able to give you better help. Did I mention I really don't like this unit ether.


--- Quote from: niobrara on September 19, 2012, 09:43:02 PM ---Still haven't been able to find a wiring diagram for this unit.

--- End quote ---

Here is the wiring diagram.


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