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Frigidaire Refrigerator FRS23H7CW0 not defrosting

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Leave the door shut for about 24 hrs then give ref temp and freezer temp and pic of evap with cover off.

pic of coil and control panel settings
fridge temp - 36F
Freezer temp - 5F

this is about 42 hours after a complete manual defrost

resistance of thermostat
straight out of freezer - infinity - i did triple check it
in 60F water - 0.6 M ohm
in 26F water - 1.5 M ohm

I don't think the coil is being defrosted. That first picture you posted of the coil viewed through the slots in the back cover is completely blocked with frost. No air could get through there. The second picture after 42 hours is starting to get heavy frost build up also. Give it another 48 hours and it will look like the first one.

Replaced thermostat.

48 hours later still going very well. Just a dusting of frost.

Thanks for all your help.

My understanding of electricity has improved greatly.


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