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Frigidaire Refrigerator FRS23H7CW0 not defrosting

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My defrost system appears to be inoperable.

How do i diagnose which component of the defrost system may be faulty?

I do have minor experience with testing components and have a multi-tester.

However the service data sheet (240389610) reflects N/A for timer, so does this indicate i do not have a defrost timer?

AP4909015 part number

would it be a waste of time, then, to test the thermostat or heater?

In further reading i see that i could test the heater element resistance should be at 30 Ohm

what resistance should the thermostat show at open and closed?

i noticed last night that if i click the door switch 5 times i do hear a click in the area of the ADC box, not sure what this may indicate (closing of a relay?)

When you hear the relay click, the fridge should go into a defrost cycle.  The compressor should shut off and the defrost heater should energize.  If the compressor keeps running, the defrost control is bad. If the compressor does shut off but the heater does not turn, it could be the defrost thermostat, heater or defrost control.

The T-stat should read close to 0 ohms when closed (cold) and infinity when open (warm). Generally the thermostats stay open when they have failed.
The heater should not read open--Should be in the ballpark of the 30ohm spec but dont worry if it is not right at 30. If it is open (reads infinity) it is faulty.


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