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Kenmore Elite Oasis HT Model 110.28087700

I am trying to understand just how this machine knows if the lid is closed or not.
I have been told it is done through the Door Lock Module but what I have not been able
to find out is just how the it does it. Is there a switch somewhere else like on something attached
to the lid itself?

I am asking this question because I got the Door Lock Fail code (well that and I could see the tab was physically broken) so I replaced
the Door Lock PN W10059230 but I am now getting a LID code. I am now wondering if there is a switch I am missing somewhere else
or if there is another part of the locking mechanism I am physically missing. I have gone over every connection and verified it was all done correctly.

You may have problems with the control board put the washer in test mode

check the lid switch accuator on lid, make sure it springs back.

Sometimes you have to put it thru diagnostics to get the code to clear.

I have done all the diagnostic test and cleared codes and all. What I am getting is the LID code.

What I am trying to find out is just how does the machine know that the lid is not closed.

I have looked all around the lid and the lid hinges and can not find any switches or wires leading to a switch. So what tells the machine the lid is closed?

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