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Hi: I have a Samsung dryer and it runs but no heat. I checked all the fuses and thermostats as well as the heating element and found no problems. Everything good. I am looking for a service manual so I can see if there is a dignistic mode that may help me to find the problem. Suspecting the control board but would like to be able to check it out before buying if possible.
Thanks for any help

check the resistance on the thermistor.. should be about 10k at room temp..

Ok I will check it out tonight
will let you kmow what I find
Thanks for the assistance   much appreciated

sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Daughter had twins and the house is gone mad.
I checked the thermistor and it is showing open so I replaced it. Dryer working great now.
Thanks for the help

Hi, hopefully this will be answered. I seem to have the same problem.
Where do I find the Thermistor? I've searched for manuals, and no mention of this.
Before I call a serviceman, I would like to check all possible solutions.

Thank you
And congrats on the twins!!!



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