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It should be next to the cold control.
The console holds the cold control and the timer as well as the light assembly on a lot of these models.If it ain't in the console then it may be mounted behind the kickplate at the bottom of the ice box.
 If it ain't there then it will be on backside of the ice box near the floor.

ok,im goin in doctor.......

ok,the timer is ticking,but the fan etc is still running in the freezer.

their is a small knob on the timer that can only turn one way and can be turned with a flatblade screwdriver. advance it to the defrost mode and see if the heaters kick in.

took the freezer coil covers off,have a completely black defrost heater the other one looks completely clear.
you cant buy just the one it comes as a assembly,2 heaters and thermostat.
after some searching found it for 59.00 ship incl.
the best price i found.
thank you for all the good advice.keep you posted.


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